The future of IT industry? Simply brilliant… someday the car you drive, will be pi- loted by a very clever software, software which will be tested by me or someone like me and in that day you will be thankful that I am a software quality testing ex- pert and I did a great job! Together we can automate and innovate more because I strongly believe that brain can be used for creation and machines for execution!

Our 13 years background in software testing, quality assurance & training plus our customers testimonials – are our best arguments!


Why working with us? 

Our team is ISTQB certified 

We have experience in national and international projects 

We worked in Banking, Government, Oil&Gas, Retail, Telecom companies 

We provide quality services at decent prices 

We are certified by the producers of software tools we use 

We work with all HP testing products 



How we work 

iQST is always looking for combining the advantages and best practices of all of the methodologies we use. We focus on creating an efficient, transparent, predict-able, and controllable process. We choose the best methodology for your project and team. 


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